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As a personal trainer in Daytona Beach, Fl it seems like I’m always running into people who want a quick fitness tip or two.  I hear, “what should I be doing?” and “why is it so hard to get in shape?”.  If this is you, then I’ve put together this Daytona Beach personal trainer post just for you.

Daytona Beach Personal Trainer answers,
"Why Is Fitness So Hard?"

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Daytona Trainer Tip #1 - Your Metabolism Decreases

Even if you weigh the same exact weight---120 lbs. for example---at age 40 that you did in college, you’re most likely carrying around 10 lbs. more fat.  How can that be? 


 No fitness training means muscle lossYou may be interested to know that the average adult loses 3-8 lbs. of muscle tissue every decade of life after 20.  So at age 40, your 120 lbs. is made up of 10  lbs. less muscle and (unfortunately) 10 lbs. more fat.

Not only is this a 20lb. change in your body composition, you’re also beginning to have a measurable change in your metabolism.  Less lean muscle mass means a slower metabolism,  and a slower metabolism means more calories end up stored as fat.

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Daytona Trainer Tip #2 - No Strength Training


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If the first "Fitness Killer" wasn't very pleasant, the second is no rose garden either.  The average adult loses about 30% of their muscle strength between the ages of 50 and 70 years.  In 10-15 years all of the bothersome tasks (like stair climbing) become difficult tasks....and then an impossible undertaking.

Many of the people who come to our personal trainers in Daytona Beach are very active with Zumba, tennis, and the like, but have no regular strength training.  It's this need for resistance training that has sent so many people out to find a fitness boot camp or group training class.  And while lifting weights may be "take it or leave it" in your 20's, in your 40's, 50's and beyond it's one of your very top priorities for your health.

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Daytona Trainer Tip #3 - Busy Schedules

Western culture is a busy culture.  Living in Daytona Beach, Fl you'll find things to keep you too busy for fitness.  You're packing everything into a 24 hour period that you can.  Unless you're single, never married, no kids, no career, and no friends then you're just like the rest of us.  

With such a packed out calendar, usually one of the first things to go is your health and fitness.  That's why it's so important to schedule it.  Schedule time with one of our personal trainers in Daytona Beach.  Schedule some recreational time with friends & family.  

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